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Jiangyou long four mountain industrial company was established in the factory director1979Years5Month,Educated youth is in the late 1970 s to solve the problem of the Great Wall steel plant families and returned to the city、Their children's employment and the establishment of administrative office in a factory under collective ownership enterprise。1999At the end of the year and ChangGang stripping decoupling,An independent business。Company's existing on-the-job worker584People。Have all kinds of big、In the、A total of small mechanical equipment and industrial kiln600Multiple sets。Fixed assets5000More than ten thousand yuan,Annual sales income of nearly one hundred million yuan,Is jiangyou industrial enterprises above designated size。People-oriented company,Adhering to the“Rigorous、Efficient、Science、Innovation”The management idea,Stick to it“Honest and trustworthy、The benefit for this”Business enterprise aim。Products involving metallurgy refractories、Molded with all kinds of heat preservation heat insulation board、Steel slag、Stainless steel powder、Inflation compound、Refining slag、Metallurgical active lime、Lightweight calcium powder、Machinery parts and components、Labor insurance supplies、Printing and packaging products、Temperature measuring instruments and meters、Automobile engine valve lifter、Limestone mining、Metallurgical steel slag comprehensive utilization and labor export sending, etc。In addition to the security ChangGang climbing company supplies,The company…
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